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Staying Safe On Winter Roads

car wreck lawyer pocatello

Car wrecks can be traumatic for the people involved. People experience so many different things after a car accident. Cars are totaled, people can suffer minor to severe injury or even death, and the amount of financial and emotional burden sets in. The weather in Pocatello, Idaho isn’t a joke during the winter months and […]

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How to Talk to Your Child about Divorce

child custody lawyer blackfoot

Timing is Everything If you and your spouse are considering a separation or divorce, keep it to yourselves until you know for sure. While it may seem more honest to let your child know as soon as your marriage is in question, the “maybe” behind it all will certainly confuse your child. Though there’s never […]

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Surviving Divorce: Tips To Get Through A Painful Divorce

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Marriage is a complicated and difficult relationship that doesn’t always end up the way that we all hope it will. What starts out as a happy, loving partnership can, sometimes quickly, turn into constant fighting, irreconcilable differences, and in extreme cases abuse or cheating. There are dozens of reasons why married couples in Blackfoot, Idaho […]

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When do you need a personal injury attorney?

personal injury lawyer pocatello

If you have suffered a personal injury and are unsure if you need an experienced personal injury lawyer, it is important to do some research and make sure you contact the right person. In Pocatello ID, the best personal injury lawyer can be found at Baker and Harris. Personal injury can happen in many different […]

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Adopting in Blackfoot, ID – What You Need To Know

baker harris law blackfoot

  Adoption is a complicated process. It can be extremely taxing on individuals waiting for the opportunity to be parents. People choose adoption for different reasons. Whatever the reason may be, there are things that you need to know about the adoption process. Adopting A Child Is Complicated No matter how simple the process may […]

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Your Worker’s Comp Policy Doesn’t Cover This…

  Here at Baker Harris, we have written a lot about the coverage an employee gets if they are injured on the job – thanks to workers compensation policies. However, a lot of employers themselves come to us confused about what their policy does and does not cover. The main thing to understand is the […]

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Understanding Child Custody

divorce lawyer blackfoot

We know that divorce is never easy, for the separating adults, but especially so for the children. When it comes to determining custody, here at Baker & Harris Law, we’ll do what we can to present you with the options that will be in the best interest of your children.  Types of Child Custody Physical […]

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Family Law: Divorce and Children

family law blackfoot

Ending a marriage can be distressing and one of the hardest things you might thave to go through. Ending a marriage when there are children involved can be downright devastating. While divorce is difficult for the entire family, children often have the hardest time adjusting to the changes. It is crucial to take precautions when […]

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Getting a Divorce in Idaho

Divorce Attorney Blackfoot Idaho

You have tried everything possible, but it looks like divorce is eminent. Getting a divorce can be complicated. Even if you believe you have filed the necessary paperwork, consulting with a divorce attorney in Blackfoot will ensure that your paperwork is in order and that any concerns are addressed. Divorce attorneys can also educate you […]

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Holiday Survival Guide For Divorced Parents

Divorce Attorney Blackfoot | Baker Harris Law Office

Divorce is never simple, but the attorneys at Baker & Harris Law understand that navigating the holidays after a divorce can be particularly complicated. There’s no question that even families who haven’t been through divorce can have some struggles with the holidays.  After all, the holidays are complicated even without throwing divorce into the mix. […]

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