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Workmans Comp Claims

Workers compensation Idaho | Baker & Harris LawUnder Idaho law all employers are required to provide workers compensation benefits to employees who sustain injuries or occupational diseases while working. Workers compensation benefits include the following:
• Payment of medical expenses
• Wage replacement payments while an injured worker is recovering (usually 67% of worker’s
average wage)
• Compensation for permanent impairments
• Compensation for loss of earning capacity
• Lifetime disability payments for workers who are totally and permanently disabled.

Persons who have been injured at work or have acquired diseases because of the nature of their work or work environment, should consult with an attorney. Mr. Jonathan Harris offers free consultations to persons who want discuss their workers compensation claims with an attorney.

If you have questions about your workers compensation claims or about making a workers compensation claim Jonathan W. Harris specializes in helping clients receive the workers compensation benefits to which they are legally entitled.